Fatesealing the Format: MTG Modern UR Wizards League

Hey everyone! Check out these videos uploaded to our YoutTube of matches in a modern league with UR Wizards!  Leave a like, comment for us and subscribe to stay up to date on our weekly uploads!

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Thank you for watching!  I will talk to you all soon!


Jason Stoops

Jason Stoops

Jason has been playing Magic: the Gathering for 20 years off and on. Jason first took to the game competitively in 2009, when Zendikar released and after a hiatus from 2012-2015, he came back for good when Battle for Zendikar released. Jason mainly plays Modern and Pauper and is an avid fan of green based midrange decks and other combo decks. He has two PPTQ top 4s on his list of achievements. You can follow Jason on Twitter- @T2TKS

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