Deep Analysis – Relevant Reprints and New Cards from Conspiracy II


Conspiracy II: Take the Crown has a number of very relevant reprints for both Modern and Legacy and several new cards for Legacy

We’ll start with the reprints.

inquisitionofkozilekInquisition of Kozilak

Despite the rarity bump, this card was in severe need to be reprinted.  I can understand why the card was not reprinted in a Standard set but it certainly doesn’t fit the flavor of this set.

What am I complaining about?  Nothing actually.  This card was massively played in Eternal formats and desperately needed the reprint.

Serum Visionsserumvisions

The obligatory 1 mana blue card draw spell for Conspiracy (last year we got Brainstorm).  Again this is another sorely needed reprint for a card that sees a lot of play in Modern.

Ghostly Prisonghostlyprison

Ghostly Prison has been severally under-printed.  I really think this card has uses in Modern.  There are a ton creature based decks that use a small number of lands that lock a good number of decks out.


Berserk has been criminally under-printed and it is played in Legacy Infect.  Its only recent printing was in From the Vault: Exiled and that has been far too long.

This was a wonderful surprise reprint.

Burning Wishburningwish

Burning Wish is played in a myriad of decks in Legacy and Vintage.  This hasn’t had a non-foil printing since Judgment and only 1 printing since then as a Judge foil.

Masterful reprint call by R&D

Show and Tell  showandtell1

Show and Tell is a shock.  After not seeing it in Eternal Masters, I didn’t expect it here.  I was pleasantly surprised by this reprint.  Just watch for incoming flying demons and spaghetti monsters.


Burgeoning is more of a reprint for Commander format but it was certainly still a surprise.  The card had ballooned to over $20 and is ridiculous in multiplayer formats but don’t underestimate it even in Legacy.

Sanctum Prelatesanctumprelate

Now time for the new cards.  Sanctum Prelate is a scary card.  Death and Taxes now has a ‘way’ to deal with one of the more annoying decks in the format, Miracles.  Naming ‘6’ will be a popular choice.  Also, this one is non unique.

There could be other decks in Legacy and Vintage that could use this as well, including Maverick.

This will probably be the most expensive new card out of this set.

Recruiter of the Guardrecruiteroftheguard

Recruiter of the Guard keeps the hits on coming.  So most of us wanted an Imperial Recruiter reprint.  Instead, we got a similar version shifted to white and changed to toughness 2 or less.

Sadly though this doesn’t help get the card that many Imperial Recruiter decks use as Painter’s Servant is 3 toughness but there is certainly potential to see a lot of play.

Kaya, Ghost Assassinkayaghostassassin

Plainswalkers can be hit or miss in older formats.  Kaya, Ghost Assassin has some potential but 4 mana will only get you compared to Jace the Mind Sculptor.  I’m not sure this one will make strides in Legacy but certainly has Commander potential.

Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclastdarettiingeniousiconoclast

Daretti has evolved however I’m not sure that Daretti is playable in Legacy.

Conspiracy II seems to hit a lot of nice spots for drafters as well as Commander, Legacy and even Modern players.  This is a nice set for many different players and is worth some investment for those.

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