Deep Analysis – Eternal Picks from Kaladesh


Welcome to Kaladesh!

This week I’m going over what I have as picks as possible playable cards in Modern, Legacy, and Vintage.  Let’s take a look!


I thought that disenchant effects were no longer in White but I guess that isn’t completely true.  Granted this is a sorcery but it deals with almost every artifact and enchantment we see in Modern, Legacy, and Vintage.

Expect to see it in sideboards in the coming months.

Cataclysmic Gearhulkcataclysmic-gearhulk

5 mana spells are very difficult to see play in older formats.  The Gearhulk cycle is definitely pushed and is very reminiscent of the Titan cycle a few years ago. Currently only Primeval Titan still sees play in older formats.  This card simply destroys board presence.  In the current midrange environment of Modern, this one could push control back up in power.

Ceremonious Rejectionceremonious-rejection

Now let’s talk about the card that WILL see play.  This piece of countermagic will even see play in Vintage!


The words “Counter target colorless spell”.  This hits most artifacts and hits every Eldrazi spell.  Considering how hard Eldrazi have been hitting in Vintage and Legacy, you’ll understand my position on this.  Add in the fact that both Affinity and Bant Eldrazi are played in Modern and you’ll see it coming out of the Sideboard for years to come.

Dramatic Reversaldramatic-reversal

Isochron Scepter says hello.

Good lord…this card has some explosive combos awaiting it.

Turnabout is busted in High Tide.  Dramatic Reversal fits in a similar spot in explosive artifact mana decks.  I see this as a Vintage card.

Paradoxical Outcomeparadoxical-outcome

The card certainly has the right name for it.

The outcome of this card has potential to lead to combo decks folks.  Cheerios could make comeback.  I look for something like this in Modern.

Torrential Gearhulktorrentialgearhulkpromo

Fatcaster Mage is bring the pain.

Snapcaster Mage’s larger cousin, Torrential Gearhulk is very good.  The new ‘Titan’ cycle looks very good.

Now Fatcaster Mage cost 6 to play but lets you cast the instant for free while Snapcaster Mage cost 2 mana and you have to pay for the Instant or Sorcery.  I expect to see this in some Gifts Ungiven or Mystical Teachings deck.

cathartic-reunionCathartic Reunion

Dredge, a deck that had disappeared from Modern for quite some time returned in force during the Return to Innistrad sets.  This card was not needed and may have helped acerbate the problem.  Tormenting Voice was seeing play in that deck and this is an upgrade.  Start packing more hate for this deck quickly folks.

Chandra, Torch of Defiancechandra-torch-of-defiance-kaladesh-spoiler

Wizards, I have a bad feeling about this.  The last 4 mana, 4 ability planeswalker it was banned in Standard AND Modern.

I hope that Chandra spawns a new deck type in Modern, something we don’t see that much of nowadays, Big Red.

Madcap Experimentmadcap-experiment

It’s a mad experiment by Wizards R&D alright.

So I can get an Platinum Emperion and take 0 damage? Other cards that could scare the bejesus out of your opponent in Modern include Blightsteel Colossus and Sphinx of the Steel Wind.  I expect to see this in Modern very soon.

Blossoming Defenseblossoming-defense

A pump spell that gives a decent bonus and Hexproof?  While this card isn’t quite good enough to replace Vines of Vastwood in Modern Infect, there is a possibility to see this as a supplement to that card, say as a 2 of.

Saheeli Raisaheeli-rai

What makes Saheeli Rai attractive for Legacy and Vintage is her cost, her -2 ability and her ultimate ability.  The +1 for a Scry is fine but nothing exciting.  The question is that Dack Fayden occupies the same cost and colors here, so is Saheeli really going to get played?

Saheeli fits better in a more dedicated artifact based deck something that Vintage and Legacy has plenty of powerful ones here.

Scrapheap Scroungerscrapheapscrounger

This card is getting some serious comparisons to Ichorid.

I’m not quite ready to declare it that but it certainly has Modern Dredge in its sight.

I have a feeling we’ll all be cussing Dredge and packing Rest in Peace and Leyline of the Void this winter.

Dynavolt Towerdynavolt-tower

This one requires some hoops to jump through but having extra bolts is really good.  Blue Red Modern shells seem to be the most obvious decks to look at, especially something like Pyromancer’s Ascension.  With all of the cantrips, you’ll get the opportunity to trigger this a couple of times (more if you have an active Ascension) so it can help end the game quickly.

Aether Hubaether-hub

Why in the world is Tendo Ice Bridge a $10+ dollar card?

Well, it won’t be much longer. Aether Hub does the same thing as the Ice Bridge but is an Uncommon.  Also, if you have another way to gain energy, it is a strict upgrade.

Expect to see this as the Ice Bridge’s replacement in Modern.

Inventors’ Fairinventors-fair

The Inventors’ Fair is an interesting card.  The life gain is relevant and so is the search ability.

The first deck that comes to mind for Modern is Lantern Control.  I could see this even getting played in Legacy.

Enemy Fast Lands


These are the best cards for Modern overall in the entire set.

Many of us have been waiting for these 5 since the Allied Fast Lands were printed in Scars of Mirrodin.

Enjoy your deck inventions and we’ll see you at the Pre-Release and Release events.


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