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Welcome to another week of Jank Brews. Today we talk about one of the most iconic cards in MTG history: Lightning Bolt. If you ever had that feeling of wanting to play more than 4 bolts in your deck, then look no further, today I bring you my deck which manufactures bolts as if it was the bloody industrial revolution. I present to you: Graveyard Bolt aka Bad Burn in Modern.

(Please note: due to upsizing my Maccas (Micky D’s for you yanks) meal last week, we are not running actual Lightning Bolts)


Graveyard Bolt


Main Deck Sideboard
Artifact 4
4x Ghirapur Orrery

Enchantment 9
4x Pyromancer's Swath
1x Quest for Pure Flame
4x The Flame of Keld

Instant 15
3x Geistflame
3x Fiery Temper
2x Shock
3x Spark Jolt
4x Burst Lightning
Sorcery 11
2x Cathartic Reunion
4x Faithless Looting
1x Insult // Injury
4x Flame Jab

Land 21
1x Mountain
3x Ramunap Ruins
2x Desert of the Fervent
2x Spinerock Knoll
Sideboard 15
1x Lavaball Trap
3x Magma Spray
1x Char
4x Smash to Smithereens
2x Pyroclasm
1x Hijack
3x Slagstorm

Card Choices

“The Raw Material”

Before this machine can start a-churning, we need to put some raw materials into it. For a Bolt recipe, you start off with Bolt-look-a-likes, i.e. Burst Lightning, Flame Jab, Geistflame, Shock, and Spark Jolt.


“Chemical X” aka The Spice

“Sugar, Spice, and Everything NOICE” has gone in, but you need that “Chemical X” to make these bolt-wannabes sparkle. So, we add a big bottle of Pyromancer’s Swarth and a little touch of The Flame of Keld (Saga III). Don’t forget to throw in a dash of Quest for the Pure Flame and Insult//Injury.


“The Machine”

Last but not least, to keep this well-oiled machine running, we need Ghirapur Orrery and The Flame of Keld (Saga II) so we can keep on making these bad boys.



We have some simple artifact removal (Smash to Smithereen), big boi counters (Char, Hijack), zaps for things that won’t stay dead (Magma Spray), and lots of fire for annoying go wide strategies (Slagstorm, Pyroclasm).


Playing Guide

The deck is very straightforward, and like any burn deck, you aim your spells at your opponent. But unlike other burn decks, our deck can actually refill our hand with Ghirapur Orrery and The Flame of Keld (Drawing 6 Cards wow!). So, don’t hesitate to aim those spells at your opponent’s face even if it’s just 1 damage.

Unlike a normal bolt, Flame Jab and Geistflame can do way more damage in their second life after amplification. It gives us that extra reach to finish our opponent.

You are literally playing with fire with Pyromancer’s Swath and The Flame of Keld. You will often find yourself top-decking after you’ve discarded your hand. But remember you have a lot of flashback spells, and redundancy in our deck means we are most likely to draw a burn spell or land to pitch to Flame Jab. You can only discard your hand once, but the enchantments stack, so the more the merrier.



Oh boy this is a good one, some bozo thought it would be cool to bring their Grixis control into the Just for Fun room. Well well let’s see how it went…

Game 1

Match 1, his Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver weaved jack all but JANK. Ghirapur Orrery and The Flame of Keld refilled my hand and he conceded lmaolookatthisscrub.


Match 2, hey what is that? Some big bad dragon? Lol get bolted noob.


Game 2

Kudos to this guy, the one counter to my bad deck: Megrim. Here, I had to discard my lands to try to get some action with The Flame of Keld. As you can tell, I PAID A HEAVY PRICE. I lost but it was good fun.

P.S. I too have an 8 Megrim deck which might show case in the next installations.



Lightning Bolt! Duh! Or any actual burn spells top tier decks run nowadays.


Until next time, you’ve been THUNDERSTRUCK!


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