Challenger Series: Vhati Il-Dal

Hey there! Welcome back for the another installment of the Challenger Series. In this article we’ll go over a color combo that deals with graveyard, but in this deck we aren’t really focused on the graveyard! The color combination is green black! Now I have a fun Meren deck that I love to play but this deck is nothing like that. Let’s introduce you to Vhati il-Dal.

Green Black- Vhati il-Dal

Vhati is an older green black legend. A four mana three three is not all that impressive, but what we are interested in is the activated ability on Vhati. It reads: “Tap: Until end of turn, target creature has base power 1 or base toughness 1”. This can lead to many interesting combos including destroying whatever creature you choose at any time, bringing an opponents life total to one, and even a way to go (almost) infinite. We’ll get to all that and more in the breakdown! I hope you enjoy!

This deck is built all around Vhati’s ability. In this deck we’ll be able to destroy at least one creature that we want gone at least once a turn, if not multiple creatures a turn! I love this deck because it brings control (my favorite play style) into black green (an unusual color combo for control). As we go through the deck tech you’ll see how this deck heavily leans on Vhati being out, so we also included some protection from them as well. Let’s get to it!

To start off, early game cards. This includes our ramp, disruption, and value creatures. Our ramp includes many of the green “search for basics” cards such as Kodama’s Reach and Explosive Vegetation. Our commander is four mana so our goal is to make sure we can get them out as fast as possible and make sure we can replay them when they get to cost eight or more mana. Having Vhati out is imperative for this deck so we need to have the mana. We also have artifact mana in cards such as Sol Ring. Our early game disruption are cards that destroy other early value creatures from our opponents, artifact destruction, and early blockers. Cards such as Maelstrom Pulse and Putrefy really help out with making sure our opponents don’t aggro us out of the game quickly. Lastly, our value creatures. These are creatures that contribute to our game plan and help us get going. Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons is really important and good at being an early game creature. She synergizes with out commander, as well as creates early chump blockers that scare our opponents from attacking us.

Next we have our synergy cards. Our commander makes any creature we want have a power or toughness of one. Our deck focuses on making our opponents creatures toughness one. This doesn’t kill the creature though! We have to do a little bit more leg work to get to that point. Night of Soul’s Betrayal makes it that when we tap Vhati, we kill a creature. Drop of Honey makes it that we can make a big creature have to smallest power on the board, destroying it. My favorite interaction in the deck is our commander and Tree of Perdition. By making the tree’s toughness one, we can bring an opponent’s life total down to one! Using Thousand-Year Elixir, we can make two opponent’s life total one! Most of our cards rely on our commander being out so again, it is really important to protect Vhati with Lightning Greaves or Swiftfoot Boots.

Laslty, our game winners. We;ve killed our opponent’s creatures, built a huge board, but what are we going to do with it? Attack! Tree of Perdition hopefully brought our opponents to low life totals, and we have ways to get a ton of creatures on the board. Nest of Scarabs creates a lot of tokens to swing in with, Sheoldred, Whispering One keeps our opponents board clear, Pathbreaker Ibex lets all of our tokens and creatures become huge and kill everything in their path. As we are a more controlling deck, the late game is where we thrive. We have countless of options at these higher mana costs that we can use to win us the game.

Now that you’ve heard the breakdown of the deck, lets look at the full list and wrap up until next week!

Vhati il-Dal EDH









That’s it for Vhati today! This deck definitely plays in a more slower and controlling way, but can have some explosive turns that come out of no where. Many black green decks are graveyard based decks, and more casual ones fold at the slightest hint of graveyard hate. While it’s important to be wary of that in this deck, we can also function really well with out our graveyard, a big reason I like this deck. I hope you try it out!

Thank’s for reading! I’ve really enjoyed playing a black green deck that breaks the norm of playing with the graveyard. I really hoped you enjoyed reading today. As always, send me your thoughts! I can be reached here or on twitter. I love to hear from you guys! See you next week!


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