Challenger Series: Tibor and Lumia

Hey there! Welcome back for another May installment of the Challenger Series, a series of articles where we discuss overlooked and unpopular commanders and give them a unique decklist that can also be powerful in most play groups. This week we’ll be looking at my favorite guild in a decklist bya friend of mine, Izzet! This is a unique take on the normal spell slinging that Izzet does, as well as relying heavily on the commander. Let’s get to it!

Red Blue- Tibor and Lumia

Tibor and Lumia are an often overlooked red blue legend, being passed up by The Locust God or Mizzix of the Izmagnus. Tibor and Lumia do things a little bit differently though. They want to deal damage, whether it’s through attacking, spell casting, or pinging. Let’s look at Tibor and Lumia and see how they work.

Tibor and Lumia are a three three for four mana legendary creature, human wizard. When you play a blue spell, a creature gains flying, and when you play a red spell, Tibor and Lumia deal one damage to each creature without flying. In this deck, everything on the card is important. The deck is a wizard tribal deck, with a clone/stealing subtheme. The piece that lends itself to the stealing subtheme is an interaction between the line of text about red spells and a specific card I’ll get into here soon. This deck is super fun to play, play against, and watch go off. I hope you enjoy!

Let’s break down the deck into categories. Our colors are red and blue, so I’m not going to go much into card draw and protection in the form of counterspells, but they are important categories to have so I wanted to mention them. Next we have our wizard tribal cards. Our deck performs best with a mass amount of wizards on the field so we want to make sure we have the support for that. Lastly we have to cloning and stealing cards. These cards will help us take the best of our opponents boards, and sometimes all of it!

Wizard tribal is the main theme of our deck, and we want that to show. Our biggest payoff for having a lot of wizards out is Nameless One. Nobody expects the morph, so when we attack with our two two morph creature, we can flip it up and suddenly do mass amounts of damage. A lot of our wizards act controlling, drawing cards, bouncing creatures, or counterspells. We do have to be careful though and not over extend, as we do not have many ways to get them back from the graveyard.

Next we have our clones and our stealing cards. Anytime you’re staring down a big creature, there should be someway in your hand or battlefield that you can steal that creature and swing it back at their owner. Cards like Control Magic, Steal Artifact, and Legerdemain all help us steal creatures from our opponents that would otherwise be threatening to kill us. We also have some clone effects in our deck, such as Mercurial Pretender, to provide us with more political options of using other peoples cards.

There is one more interaction I want to talk about after the deck list, but that is it for the catagories of cards! Let’s look at the full list, look at one more card, and then wrap up until next week!

Tibor and Lumia EDH









Now a card I’d like to highlight:

CharismaCharisma is my absolute favorite card in this deck, and shows why it is so important to have Tibor and Lumia out all the time. Charisma enchanted on your commander means that a single red spell gains you control of every single non-flying creature on the battlefield that has more than one toughness. With a card like Archetype of Imagination, it brings you the entire board. This card can creature such blowouts, acting as almost a permanent Insurrection. I love to use my mass wizard fueled card draw to find Charisma as fast as possible and use it almost as a win condition. in the same area as Charisma, if Tibor and Lumia are given deathtouch, a red spell will wipe out every non-flyer. It is important to make sure your commander has flying during this time or it will die as well.


That’s it for Izzet today! I love this guild. My favorite colors are blue and black but when it comes to Ravnica I absolutely love Izzet. I’m also super hyped for the new Ravnica sets coming out! More guild legends are always a good thing.

Thank you so much for reading! I love writing these articles. The research that comes along with preparing for these has taught me so much and I hope that comes across in the lists and the writing. I hope you guys have an awesome week and I’ll see you next time!


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