Challenger Series: Taigam, Sidisi’s Hand

Hey there! Welcome back for the second installment of the Challenger Series. I’ve been ready for this to come out all week, and I’m excited to finally put it out there! In this article, we’ll go over a commander I’ve had a lot of fun with in my favorite color combination, blue black! I’ve probably redone this deck list ten times by now and I’ll probably do it ten times more, but I feel satisfied with where it is now and I hope you guys enjoy it! Now, on to the deck!

Blue Black- Taigam, Sidisi’s Hand

I love the character of Taigam and was so excited to see him actually get a card in C17! I was even more excited to see he got two, but the blue black Taigam immediately caught my eye. Let’s see what he does.

Taigam is a five mana 3/4 that keeps you from drawing cards. So far, doesn’t seem great. What makes Taigam great is that he doesn’t draw you cards, but he will let you look at the top three and pick the best one, putting the other two in the graveyard. Not only that, but he also lets you use those cards you put in the graveyard as removal! (Removal that also gets around indestructible)

To start off with the deck I really wanted to find synergy with Taigam’s “Skip your draw step” text. I wanted to focus on that ability and the way Taigam circumvents drawing and use to that to either get myself more cards a turn, lock opponents out of cards, or just have a large amount of card selection. When searching on gatherer, there are only six cards in blue or black that do this, one of which is banned in commander (Yawgmoth’s Bargain) and the other is pretty bad. I’m not against sacrificing some competitiveness for staying on theme, but it’s hard for me to find a spot for Colfenor’s Plan in the deck. The four cards I used are Necropotence, Null Profusion, Psychic Possession, and Taigam himself.

I also found a few other cards that make all players skip their draw step, and with Taigam out I can take this symmetrical downside and turn it into an upside! Maralen of the Mornsong allows us to pick a card from our top three as well as tutor each turn, Possessed Portal is a mean eight mana artifact that keeps everyone from drawing and makes them discard, while you still get to pull of your top three each turn. These hurt a little bit more when Taigam isn’t out, but work great when Taigam is out. Possessed Portal I’m still on the fence about, but when I drop it when I’m ahead, the game closes quickly.

The next group of cards that I feel synergize with Taigam well is a big reanimation package. Taigam puts a lot of cards in the graveyard and a lot of creatures die over the course of a commander game, so by having a lot of reanimation to back up your early game card draw, draw skipping, and control spells really keeps you in a safe spot. My biggest worry is having all your reanimation targets in your grave yard and no reanimation spells in your hand, so to help with that we also have search to graveyard cards like Entomb and Buried Alive.

The last group of cards is how I like to bring decks to a similar power level as every group I’m playing in-clones. With around fifteen clones in this deck I will be able to copy whatever creature on the board (or sometimes in the graveyard) that I like. If something bigger shows up on the board, it’s fine. We kill then reanimate that clone and now we have that bigger thing. I love clones because they get around hexproof, you usually get a huge mana discount on whatever creature you’re copying, and it usually keeps the deck at a similar power level as the rest of the group.

With the rest of the deck we have a little bit of artifact ramp, control elements, a few graveyard synergistic cards, and to top it up with the Briney Pickles Combo! I won’t write out the combo here but overall for about nine or ten mana you can repeatedly make every opponent skip their untap step, and just win from there. I like this as a safety valve against a huge amount of graveyard hate/creature-less decks because those sort of decks will most likely run us over in the end.

Now, let’s look at the list, an explanation of a few card choice, and we’ll wrap up until next week!

Taigam, Sidisi’s Hand EDH








Now a couple of cards I’d like to highlight:

Vengeful Pharaoh: Oh boy this card with Taigam on the board is one of my favorite synergies in this deck. If the Pharaoh is in your graveyard and you take damage, the creatures gets destroyed and the Pharaoh goes back on top. Then, on your upkeep Taigam triggers, and you put the Pharaoh back in the graveyard ready to do it’s thing again!

Paradox HazeParadox Haze in this deck is basically a Phyrexian Arena in blue. With Taigam you get two cards in hand plus the added benefit of card selection and potentially putting a reanimation target in the graveyard.

Mimic VatMimic Vat has never let me down. It has so many functions! It can act as (limited) graveyard hate, exiling a key creature when that creatures dies. It can act a blocker, it can act as an attacker, and it fits with the clone cards in the deck. I feel like Mimic Vat is a slept on card but paying three mana for a Grave Titan with haste is never a bad thing.


That’s it for Taigam today! The hardest thing for me when writing this article and creating the deck list is that I kept finding more cards I wanted to put in and more directions I wanted to go and I’m not sure if it shows or not. I feel good about the deck list and it holds it’s own in my play group, but I still think it may need some tweaking.

So, let me know what you think! Did I fall into the trap of my guilty pleasure and include too many clones? What am I missing in the deck? Did I totally miss the mark and need to play Taigam as a hard core stax “no one draw any cards” kind of deck? You can find me in the comments here or on twitter, I would love to hear your feed back. Until next week, where we turn our focus away from blue and try to landfall out some fatties in red green!


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