Challenger Series: Selenia, Dark Angel

Hey there! Welcome back for the fourth installment of the Challenger Series. In this article we’ll go over a color combo that loves to deal with your life total: white black! This is probably my favorite deck I’ve put out so far and I’m really excited to share it with you guys. Let’s get to it!

White Black- Selenia, Dark Angel

Selenia, Dark Angel is an older white black legend. She doesn’t look like much at face value. She’s a flying 3/3 for five mana that allows you to bounce her back to your hand for two life. Doesn’t immediately draw your eye to a certain strategy, nor look that attractive as a commander. Commander should have a text box full of text, right? Not with Selenia. Let’s just into the deck and see what’s hiding inside the deck.

Selenia’s ability is what I wanted to build the deck around. I wanted to pay two life as many times as I could, protecting her, all while bringing my life total down. Low life totals usually aren’t good, but this is the ultimate “use your life as a resource” deck. At low life we can win with Near-Death Experience, or kill everyone with Repay in Kind! I wasn’t too high on Selenia until I learned that you can respond to her ability… with her ability! Going from forty life to two life in a second is powerful, and I knew I wanted to build around her.

To start off, lets work with early game stuff. Ways we can ramp, protect ourselves, and draw some cards. Expedition map is awesome in this deck as it can fetch Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth or Cabal Coffers which is the best way to get a lot of mana in this deck. Black and white don’t have the best ways to ramp but this combo of cards is insane. Other artifacts like Sol Ring and Mana Crypt and enchantments like Land Tax also help us ramp, or at least get lands into our hand.

Early game protection includes cards like Blind Obedience, neutralizing that token aggro player, Darksteel Mutation, getting rid of the huge Animar, and Toxic Deluge for wiping the board until we’re ready to go off. The deck isn’t the fastest so it is important that we stay alive until we’re ready to win.

Lastly, card draw. Pretty simple, Necropotence and Phyrexian Arena are insane card draw in general, and the life loss helps accelerate our game plan!

Next are the life manipulation cards. These cards can help either manipulate your life, or drain everyone else’s life! Exquisite Blood and a lot of mana can be deadly, Repay in Kind when you’re at one life (or even in the negatives but we’ll talk about that later!) can switch the game around big time. The goal is to wait until the coast is clear, drain yourself with Selenia to one or two life, then do things like Reverse the Sands, Repay in Kind, or Soul Conduit to bring yourself back up but everyone else all the way down!

Lastly, the “don’t die” cards. These cards can help save us when something goes terribly wrong when we try to combo off. Exquisite Archangel, Beacon of Immortality, and Eternity Vessel all can save you if you accidentally almost take yourself out of the game.


You’ve heard about the general catagories of cards, lets look at the full list, an explanation of a few card choices, and we’ll wrap up until next week!

Selenia, Dark Angel EDH









Now a couple of cards I’d like to highlight:

Phyrexian UnlifeI like this card because it will keep you alive when you’ve brought yourself down to one or two life, just remember that if you’re below zero, you can’t pay anymore life. The best reason for this card being in the deck is because of Solemnity.

SolemnitySolemnity and Phyrexian Unlife have the combo of you can’t die. Player’s can’t get counters, so you can’t get infect counters. You don’t lose for having zero or less life. The only way that you can die after those two are out is whether one of those enchantments get blown up or you deck out. A little fragile for sure, but a nice way to get below zero and then cast Repay in Kind.

Torment of HailfireTorment is a pet card of mine. With Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and Cabal Coffers in the deck, the amount of mana you can make is huge, and casting a huge Torment never feels bad.

That’s it for Selenia today! The biggest thing to be aware of with this deck is that it can be slow, and when it’s slow, it might kill you. Playing politics, trying to ramp up as fast as you can, and some of the early game protection can be the difference in whether you make it through the first couple turns or not.

Thank’s for reading! I’ve really enjoyed playing this deck, and it’s so funny when you bring yourself down to one life and no one knows what is going on. Hope you guys have an awesome week and I’ll see you next time!


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