Challenger Series: Adriana, Captain of the Guard

Hey there! Welcome back for the fifth installment of the Challenger SeriesI apologize for the late article, finals are starting at school and it’s been crazy busy. I hope this deck tech makes up for it! We’re going to go over an often overlooked Boros legend from conspiracy two, one of my favorite sets!

White Red- Adriana, Captain of the Guard

At first glance, Adriana is another combat-focused commander. To me, she is so much more than that. She wants combat, yes, but she wants you to attack every player at once. She allows for large amounts of damage out of nowhere and can bring a players life total down very quickly. In a four-player game, she has the potential to give all of your attacking creatures +3/+3! She’s a curve topper and comes out right when you are ready to win.

I didn’t go the token build with this list. I focused on Adriana’s melee ability. Other abilities like melee are battalion, battle cry, and myriad. Let’s look at each of these abilities as well as some examples of cards that have them.

Battalion: Battalion triggers when the creature with the ability and at least two other creatures attack. Each of the creatures with battalion have something different happen when it triggers, but it’s always a nice effect that becomes quite powerful as it repeatedly happens throughout the game. Examples of cards with battalion in this deck are Frontline Medic and Legion Loyalist. They’re also easily the strongest battalion cards in the deck.

Battle Cry: Battle cry triggers when the creature with battle cry attacks. It gives all your creatures +1/+0. Multiple instances of battle cry stack up fast! My favorite card with battle cry is Hero of Bladehold as it creates tokens to buff as well as being a nice top end for all your beaters.

MyriadThere are only a few creatures with myriad in red and white, as well as an equipment that gives myraid, but it is well worth the inclusion. When a creature with myriad attacks, you create a token copy of that creature attacking each other player. You can stack the triggers with melee and battle cry to make sure your myraid tokens get a massive power bonus!


The deck has 32 creatures, and is definitely geared towards a low to the ground, aggro play style. It’s weaker in play groups with combo decks, but strong in a battle cruiser-type group. I like that in this deck, no one will feel super targeted by you, as your creatures get a bonus for attacking everyone!

The deck has the basics as well. Board wipes, spot removal, card draw, ramp, and protection. It is a faster deck though, and easy to run out of cards. Sometimes it may be the right play to hold back a little and try to seem less threatening if the situation calls for it.

You’ve heard about the general categories of cards, let’s look at the full list, an explanation of a few card choices, and we’ll wrap up until next week!

Adriana, Captain of the Guard EDH








Now a couple of cards I’d like to highlight:

SunforgerThe perfect toolbox card. Someone making infinite creatures? Detach Sunforger and go get Wrath of God. Have lethal next turn but someone is storming off this turn? Easy, go get Teferi’s Protection. Also combos with Mistveil Plains, pulling your sunforger targets from the graveyard back to your library to fetch again. This card is a must have.

Disrupt DecorumI think the flavor of this card is amazing, and in creature-centric groups it is a blast to cast. A meta call for sure. If you play in a more spell-heavy meta, maybe not the best choice.

Dolmen GateOur creatures often have high power, but not always high toughness. This keeps our creatures alive on the attack just in case we are worried about that.

That’s it for Adriana today! Playing this deck, the best feeling is an instant speed Debt of Loyalty or Wrath of God. Assemble the Legion also get’s out of hand really quickly and it’s so much fun to drop 5 or 6 tokens on your upkeep.

Thank’s for reading! This aggro style of deck is new to me! It’s hard not playing a ton of card draw or Kodama’s Reach type ramp spells, but this deck shines in creature-centric groups.

Connect with me! Let me know what you think. Do you like the sunforger targets? Am I missing some? Is 32 creatures too many? I’d love to hear your thoughts, reach out to me in the comments here or on twitter! Thank’s for reading and I’ll see you guys next week!


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