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As it turns out, it has been a real busy week for me. I finished my article last week by mentioning the fact that I should have video content for you guys if the work being done on my house had finished. The work took longer than expected and I hadn’t gotten the chance to record so, on that front I will try my best and get this done for you guys in the coming week.

Saturday past was the first Standard PPTQ of the season here in Scotland and i played God-Pharaoh’s Gift to a very medium 4-2 finish. One of the 2 losses were chalked down to me being tired and not paying attention. I want to mention briefly that I believe one point to tournament success is just to be rested and mentally ready to go, as it can be very easy to lose focus in a game of magic! After the PPTQ I honestly wouldn’t change much about the deck other than adding a couple copies of Jace’s Defeat to the sideboard to attack the UB control matchup. Negate doesn’t really cut it vs them and Duress is OK at best. The main thing we care about vs them is The Scarab God and Torrential Gearhulk so the defeat being able to counter them and catch a counterspell or a card draw spell could be huge!

So today I come to you all with a completely different take on the gifts deck, one that doesn’t focus on gate to the afterlife as much. This list came up on the online PTQ that took place. It looks totally different from the one I showed everyone last week. I am going to start with the list and explain why I am eager to try it out.



LANDS – 23

Field Of Ruin

Glacial Fortress

Ipnu Rivulet

Irrigated Farmland


6 Plains



Minister Of Inquiries

Champion Of Wits

Angel Of Invention

Sunscourge Champion

Angel Of Sanctions


SPELLS – 23 


Chart A Course

Strategic Planning


God-Pharaoh’s Gift

Search For Azcanta

Cast Out



Sacred Cat

Spell Pierce

Jace’s Defeat


Sunscourge Champion


Cast Out


As you can see this list is miles different, now to explain why I want to try it.


It all starts here! This card right now, is the bane of my existence. It totally nullifies my big angels and deals me damage in the short term. The question is though, what’s the difference between the 2 lists to fight this card? The answer is Fumigate. I got beaten up pretty badly by this, Harsh Mentor and Kinjali’s Sunwing at the PPTQ there. The answers coming out of the Esper gifts deck is usually Fatal Push or Vraska’s contempt but VS Mono Red you usually want to get to angel as quick as you can. I thought about playing  fumigate in the Esper version, but there is nowhere near enough white sources to make that viable. Fumigate being able to answer these threats all at once should be good. With the manabase only being UW  fumigate is just an easy fit here.


I did mention about Refurbish in last weeks article so all I want to say is: it’s worth giving it a shot.

I already explained how high I am on this card, it just seems to fit so much better in here in the main deck rather, there is so many spells we can find since we are not looking to fill our yard up with 6 creatures all the time to keep the gate active.

Being only a 2 colour manabase allows us to play a copy of this, that is huge! VS UB control being able to kill their flip land is fantastic as it slows them down on gas.

With all this in mind I am going to run this deck through a couple of leagues and see how I get on. Nothing major coming up in the Magic world here in Scotland so me and MTGO should become acquainted.

To keep it at the back of the mind though for you guys, these gifts lists are starting to put up more and more numbers online so give the deck a shot shortly if you don’t want to play loads of mirrors at the moment!

As always leave the page a like and share. Any questions feel free to leave a comment at the bottom and I will do my best to answer!

Until next week.









Aaron "Ronnie" Brown

Aaron "Ronnie" Brown

Hi! I'm Aaron Brown, more know as "Ronnie". I'm from north Ayrshire in Scotland. I have a 2 year old daughter and a very supportive fiancée. I aspire to play magic for the Scottish national team and to one day play on the Pro Tour.

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