Announcements – September 27th


Hello everyone I know it has been too long since you have last heard from me, so I want to open up and explain a bit in case some of you don’t know me in real time. The past few months have been extremely difficult. I had a love one pass away who had been declining in the last several months and during this time I had to focus on my family and tend to their needs. While taking care of my personal life I had to allow this project to take a backseat. Magic is still a priority and it is becoming even more of a priority now that life is straightening out. I do want to take this moment to thank Bradley Reeves also known as nicol_bolas on here. Bradley took the news and understood perfectly what was going on and kept going strong with his articles, which I still enjoy reading. Bradley also took over my search of more writers, since during this time we were in the process of finding others to write.

I do want to apologize for taking so much time away to tend to things and being slow about returning to this and plan to be more involved again now that things are better. So without further delays I will continue on with some announcements.

September 26th
B & R Announcements

Absolutely no changes to any format!

September 27th

Thanks to Bradley we are adding two writers to our group to help put out more content. The first writer to be joining us is Nathan Quinn who has been a local player since who wishes to focus mainly on Pauper articles. Also Elliot Cannon who is not from our local store but is still within Tennessee and his focus will mainly be Standard. So I am excited to have them added to the group and if you like their articles let them know ask questions I am sure they will gladly answer any of them.

September 30th

Kaladesh becomes legal in Standard which means all of Dragons of Tarkir & Origins will be rotating out and will only be legal in eternal formats.


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