Announcements – February 2017

Greetings everyone as many of you know I am Mike Reed, also known as Mirouku on the site or TwistedFate on xmage. Back last February this project was started and was within just my local community. Shortly after I decided to make it more than just a local thing. Since then we have gained a couple of awesome writers and have got to enjoy many different views on the game we love to play. Thanks to people like Mike Likes and Bradley Reeves bringing you such great content, and of course everyone following and reading our articles. I know personally when I post articles I am excited to see what feedback and what a reaction I get so many thanks to the followers reading.

Now since last year when we started this we have become larger than I expected and we have been able to launch two successful recruitment posts that has brought quality to this site and this project. Tonight we at mtgdecktechs will be announcing the results of this last recruitment post where we were absolutely overwhelmed by the response. In the end we had to limit the number of applicants and although we would like to be able to take on everyone who applied we have to take small steps before allowing ourselves to become too large without the proper support. So without further delay we will be announcing the four writers that we took from the applicants, as well as a fifth writer who was accepted in before we ran our recruitment just postponed his announcement for coincide with this one, as well as the newest artist for our designs.

Brady Bell – is our first writer who signed up with us nearly a month ago, we postponed his announcement to coincide with the rest. Due to health concerns Brady has been on a long hiatus since 2012. He made top 8 In a Standard Silver TCG with Naya Pod. A month later he was able to take Wolf Run Ravager to a top 32 for the 2012 Starcity Games Open Standard – Nashville. Now Brady will be covering running two articles for the site one being a Finance article , and he will be doing a Competitive Standard article.

Trevor Finton – is the next writer on our list who applied to our recruitment article. Trevor has had an impressive run this past year and plans to top what he has already accomplished. Placing in top 64 in Legacy Open – Dallas, followed with a Top 32 Legacy Open – Dallas.  He also hold four Top 8s for IQs, and one PPTQ Top 8. Finishing 65th at the Columbus Open after starting day 1 0-3. Trevor intends to do articles ranging from Standard, Modern, and even Legacy formats. We are excited to see what he can accomplish in the future.

Brandon Balfour – hails across the large pond. He was the winner of the 2016 World Magic Cup Qualifiers – Scotland with his Abzan deck. He went on to represent Scotland in the 2016 World Magic Cup. Brandon’s articles will mostly be between Competitive Standard and Modern with the occasional Legacy articles.

Kevin Pass  – also hails from across the sea. He was part of the team that represented Scotland in the World Magic Cup in 2016. Kevin was also the first winner of the 2016 World Magic Cup Qualifiers – Scotland. Kevin plans on doing mostly Competitive Standard as well as Limited articles followed by Finance and Budget Decks to round out his big plans for the site.

Garrett Strause – last but not least hails on this side of the ocean. First coming onto the scene in 2014 with a 1st place finish at 2014 State Championship – Iowa. A year later he repeated his victory in the 2015 State Championship – Iowa. Rounding off his resume for the last two years he has had a total of three 1st place finishes in State Championships, Seven Top 8s at State Championships. In 2017 alone he won SCG Invitational Qualifier Columbia, and placed Top 8 SCG Modern Open Indianapolis. Garrett plans to cover mostly Modern and Standard format, and is looking to also Stream when we launch that service.

Andrew Cadet – doesn’t play magic, but he is going to be the new designer for MtGDecktechs, and we are looking forward to seeing what he brings. So look forward to see his art on tokens, around the website, and even on a playmat soon to be added to the site. If you wish for personal designs feel free to contact him at

There you have it everyone that we are adding to the site hope you all are as excited as I am for these new additions to the site. For those of you who wasn’t accepted this round of applications keep an eye out for our next recruitment post. There is still three things we are wishing to bring to you. The first being merchandise. Thanks to the addition of Andrew Cadet we are hoping within the next few weeks or months we will bring our first line of products. Second we are looking to introduce our streams with players such as Garrett Strause making it possible. Third and final we are looking to bring you podcasts Brandon Balfour and Kevin Pass wish to possibly bring a podcast to you, as well as Trevor Finton, and Garrett Strause wish to bring you a podcast as well. So one site two podcasts, double the experience. As I said I hope you all are as excited as we are for these massive changes to the group and site.


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