Announcement – Team Sponsored for #MTG25A

Today’s announcement is very special and historic for our site.

I would like to present to you our first ever sponsored team.  We are excited to have three competitors representing MTGDeckTechs at Pro Tour 25th Anniversary.  The Pro Tour will take place in Minneapolis, MN between August 3rd and August 5th.

This Pro Tour is a Team Trios event, which is different from most other Pro Tour events.  Each team will be composed of three members.  Each player will play a particular format: a Standard player, a Modern player, and a Legacy player.  Each player at the table will face off against the player of the other team playing the same format.  Each team member plays best two out of three match as usually.  The team who wins the most matches against the other team wins the match for the round.

Meet the Competitors

Larry Li
From Tulsa, OK
MTGO: LiLarry
Playing Legacy slot at Pro Tour 25th Anniversary

Gaming Resume:

Robert Gay
Twitter: @koreandispatch
MTGO: KoreanDispatch
From Oklahoma City, OK
Playing Modern slot at Pro Tour 25th Anniversary

Gaming Resume:

Thomas Castell
From Tulsa, OK
MTGO: Varyn
Playing Standard slot at Pro Tour 25th Anniversary

Gaming Resume:

Team Name

We decided that we would go with a temporary name at this time: Team  We will be discussing a permanent name at a later date.

Since this is the first team we have sponsored for the Pro Tour & since this is the 25th Anniversary of Magic: The Gathering, I’ve been given the honor of giving this team a special name for this event.  Just as the team of Reid Duke, Huey Jensen, and Owen Turtenwald are known as “Peach Garden Oath” when they compete in Team Trios events, these three competitors will be known as “Yawgmoth’s Will“.

MTGDeckTechs will have the Official Magic: The Gathering stream hosted on our Twitch channel at from August 3rd through August 5th.  Watch our website for more information and coverage of our team at #PT25A!


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