Announcement – Farewell, but not Goodbye.

So, it’s with a heavy heart that I am handing in the metaphorical pen and moving to another site. Hipsters of the Coast have offered me a writing position for their website, it was a tough decision but feel it’s best for my writing endeavours going forward. I will continue to write primarily on Modern with some Commander and Interview articles in between.

I’m writing this piece to say it’s been a pleasure working with everyone in the short time I was writing for MTGDeckTechs. The guys who put out content for you are great, passionate people and you should support them! You can do this in ways such as donating to their Patreon (Here) or even just a quick retweet on an article they’ve posted; it goes a long way in supporting the site.

Besides that, I want to give thanks to Mike and Jason who gave me the opportunity to write for MTGDeckTechs and giving me a platform to deliver content. However, this may not be goodbye for good, as you may see me back for future guest articles from time to time.  

You can find my future articles at and/or follow them on Twitter @HipstersMTG. The first article is going up in a few weeks, with you guessed it, something about Modern. I will continue to support MTGDeckTechs from the sidelines. I wish everyone associated with the site the best for the future and for MTGDeckTechs to flourish in the future.

Regardless of where we all move to, we’re all in this together, and we should grow as a community together.

Much love,



Emma Partlow

Emma Partlow

Emma resides in Suffolk, England and she started playing Magic the Gathering back in 2014 when Khans of Tarkir first hit the shelves. Dabbling in Standard for a few years then timeshifted into Modern where Emma has found her Homeward Path, in addition, she has a fondness for foils and puns. You can follow her on Twitter at @emmmzyne.

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