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Well I am back again with my latest article. I am going to dedicate this article to Jason Robbins. This fan of ours sent us a message back towards the middle of November requesting some ideas for a Modern deck focused around Aetherflux Reservoir. So Mr. Robbins if you read this article, you better love it. In order to build a deck strictly around a four drop artifact that screams cheap spells to win is not as easy as it seems. Bradley, Spencer, and I all three sat down and began pouring over the different decks that could possibly withstand being both competitive and have Aetherflux Reservoir as it’s main win-con.

The first deck I immediately went to to attempt this, was Storm. Traditional U/R Storm in Modern has almost completely fallen off the radar. So for those of you who are Storm players I am sorry Dredge is crippling you right now, every deck has tons of graveyard hate against you. There is basically three main reasons why I decided not to even attempt to make U/R Storm the engine for Aetherflux Reservoir. First and foremost Storm just like many combo decks have very few spots within them to add new and inventive cards to it. There isn’t a single card that I can safely consider removing to add even two let alone the whole playset of Reservoir. Every card in the deck enables either draw spells or mana production or both… manamorphose . Second by the time I reached my goal of casting enough spells to enable myself to get the four mana to cast it, I would then need to guarantee it to resolve and then cast at least one or two spells to trigger the life gain needed to finish the job, and by the time you get to that point you probably have a Grapeshot to just finish the game anyways. Third and final reason and this goes for every version of the deck, its simply the graveyard hate. The amount of hate for graveyard that is currently in Modern to combat Dredge, Infect, Nahiri Jeskai, and any shenanigan decks that people like to play in their graveyard. So final verdict for this version, it is possible to squeeze the card in to the main deck for additional win con but I do not advise it.

The second deck I went to was Cheerios. I know please kill me later for even thinking this one was a possibility. To even glance over this archetype and consider it made me feel terrible. Some of you may play Cheerios and I hope you enjoy your Puresteel Paladin of hell…
Honestly I have always hated that deck almost as much as I despise playing against the final version that was constructed.  The only reason this version was not pursued at all was the simple fact I could not find or think of a single way to get the mana needed have this deck run reliably enough.

The best version and something I have taken great joy running on Xmage. Comments I have recieved for this deck are as followed, “people like you are the reason magic is dying”, “this deck is cancer”, and my personal favorite, “play magic how its meant to be played”. If any of you happened to be the ones who made these comments I personally thank you. I absolutely find it hysterical when a deck build becomes so infuriating that I get responses like this. Now my playstyle is generally very competitive, and anyone local will attest to that, but I am also a player who loves to concoct brews that are competitive and out of the norm. Sometimes I am successful sometimes I am not; I will skip over the torpor orb deck.

The final build was taken from the archetype Eggs. Many of you should remember this gem from back in 2012-2013. Second Sunrise recieved the ban hammer to put an end to the most boring and ridiculous deck to ever grace Modern known as eggs, sunny side up, or second sunrise. If you don’t know you can thank Stanislav Cifka for this ban. The deck was never actually broken or unbeatable, it just took so long to combo off and win, and by the time it was over your opponent probably died of boredom, or already left to go get food while you took your turn who knows. So Mr Robbins I present to you the deck I took the liberty to build. Many of the cards are from the traditional builds post Second Sunrise ban. I do think many of my choices and decisions and newest updates for the deck make it unique.

Aetherflux Storm
by Mirouku

Spells (8)
1x Grapeshot
4x Faith’s Reward
3x Open the Vaults

Artifact (35)
4x Lotus Bloom
4x Mox Opal
4x Chromatic Sphere
4x Chromatic Star
4x Conjurer’s Bauble
4x Ichor Wellspring
3x Mind Stone
4x Aetherflux Reservoir
4x Krark-Clan Ironworks

Lands (17)
3x Adarkar Wastes
4x Aether Hub
3x Darksteel Citadel
2x Hallowed Fountain
1x Inventors’ Fair
4x Seachrome Coast

Sideboard (15)
2x Tormod’s Crypt
2x Echoing Truth
3x Disenchant
2x Defense Grid
2x Rest for the Weary
2x Spellskite
2x Kiora’s Dismissal 

So some of you may be wondering why event bother with this deck? Why this specific archetype was chosen as my final decision in constructing this deck. Well the biggest weakness this deck has isn’t graveyard hate thankfully. Most people have dropped Relic of Progenitus  in favor of Grafdigger’s Cage, Rest in Peace, or Leyline of the Void. Fortunately for us Grafdigger’s does nothing to affect us at all. Rest in Peace and Leyone unfortunately threaten the very ability we have to play against our opponent. The best answer’s we have for such cards are simple ones with cheap costs. Echoing Truth, Disenchant, Kiora’s Dismissal all three give us the ability to remove their enchantments, and this deck has the ability to generate mana to get rid of their enchantments before going off.

Stony Silence

Now this hate card is literally the bane of your deck. If this card hits the field your only option is the find a bounce spell before losing the game. Luckily for everyone who may be intent on running this deck the amount of play it gets is now minimal. Going through many of the Tier 1 decklists only two decks run any copies within their seventy five both decks only run two copies. Most decks have decided that Dredge, Infect, and other graveyard based decks are more important to face than Affinity. This meta currently allows Eggs to thrive as a competitive deck.


Aetherflux Storm aka Aetherflux Eggs is certainly a deck that in this current meta can be competitive. The deck is incredibly cheap giving that the most expensive cards are Mox Opal and Lotus Bloom.  Providing your opponent does windmill slam down a Stony Silence you have an excellent chance of going off on turn three or four and coming out the winner in the end.

With this deck being perfect for the current meta keep a close eye out for Affinity resurging back to the top of the Tier 1’s because that is when Stony Silence will rear its ugly head again and put this deck down again until a new threat arrives.  As always I hope you all have enjoyed this article and if you wish to send me some feedback I will be more than glad to hear it just e-mail at Until next time have fun.


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