Modern Hero Pt. 2.5

Hello and welcome to what would normally be part 3 of Modern Hero.  So, we will call it Modern Hero 2.5.  With SCG Regionals coming up this weekend I will be going over a little bit about Hero and then switch directions to talk about the deck I will be sleeving up and doing battle with at the regionals being held in Columbus, Ohio.

Modern Hero

The Deck

Mono Black Zombies

Main Deck

Cryptbreaker – 7.08
Diregraf Ghoul – .84
Gravecrawler – 16.00
Withered Wretch – 1.32
Gifted Aetherborn – 7.56
Lord of the Accursed – 2.80
Unbreathing Horde – 2.46
Victim of Night – 1.00
Cast Down – 4.16
Dark Salvation – 1.64
Duress – .60
20 Swamp -.00


Rain of Tears – 2.84
Tormod’s Crypt – 1.05
Pithing Needle – 6.70
Doom Blade – .75
Lifebane Zombie – 1.50


Deck total 58.30

From our 100 dollar budget after the costs of the deck we will round it off to a simple 59 dollars.  After buying the deck at TCGplayer mid pricing we are left with 41 dollars before buying sleeves and a deck box which will happen this weekend.  I am planning to get it all sleeved up and my plan is for at least one modern event possibly two before my next article.  I am excited to begin the journey and hope you follow along with me.  I enjoy feedback and look forward to hearing it.

Budget – 100.00
Cards – 59.00
Remaining – 41.00

SCG Regionals and my choice of weapon.

I have decided on Merfolk for regionals.  It is a deck I have been experimenting with and testing lately and after watching the Merfolk Master Jonathan “Nikachu” Zaczek I am sold on the decks potential.  Here is the list I will be running

3 Harbinger of the Tides
4 Lord of Atlantis
4 Master of the Pearl Trident
4 Master of Waves
4 Merfolk Trickster
2 Merrow Reejerey
4 Silvergill Adept
3 Dismember
4 Spell Pierce
4 Aether Vial
4 Spreading Seas
2 Cavern of Souls
14 Island
4 Mutavault


So yeah pretty much the list that Nikachu has been running.  With my exception being missing a few of the lands.  This deck is the second best Aether Vial deck only to the menace of 5c Humans.  Lets go over the cards and why they are there along with the sideboard.

The Lords

Without them the deck doesn’t go.  It’s the pumping of the creatures combined with island walk that makes this a deck.  We have the best of the bunch here.  We have the OG Lord of Atlantis, his little brother Master of the Pearl Trident, and their cousin Merrow Reejerey.   We leave out Merfolk Sovereign and Coralhelm Commander because Sovereign is a 3 cost lord and Reejerey is the better 3 drop.  The Commander is out because we want to use our mana efficiently each turn and pumping it into that turn by turn isn’t the best use of our resources.  So, with that we settle in at 10 lords with our numbers at 4-4-2.

Our 2 Drop Non-Lords

In this slot we have full sets of Silvergill Adept, Merfolk Trickster, and Harbinger of the Tides.  The Adept is always an auto include because it replaces itself with the draw a card ability.  Merfolk Trickster…. From what I have seen of this card it is insanely good.  Whether you are Vialing it in or flashing it in during your opponents combat step it does so many things.  You can tap something down completely to keep it from attacking.  Or you can let say let a Tarmogyf attack, flash it in to make it lose its ability, and block it and take it down with no loss.  Yeah this doesn’t seem like the best use of it depending on the game state.  But an example of all the utility it provides.  Harbinger of the Tides is another useful fish.  It can be Vialed in after attacks to bounce an attacker or if worse comes to worse you pay the full 4 to make it flash.

The lone 4 drop

Master of Waves.  Not much can be said about this guy.  Pro red means that he is susceptible to things like Path to Exile, a revolted Fatal Push, or any other non-red removal spell.  Build up our board.  Play him, and bash in with some elementals.  Nothing much more to say about this guy.


The noncreature spells of the deck are Aether Vial, Spreading Seas, Dismember, and Spell Pierce.  Let’s start with Vial.  I know I said the deck doesn’t go without the Lords.  The same is said with this card.  It is the only true one drop in the deck.  This lets us flood the board whether it is in their end step or on our turn to push damage thru.  As for Spreading Seas.  Does anyone else not like it when your opponent plays spells?  This helps keep them off certain colored mana, shuts down man lands, and any of the flip lands like Search for Azcanta.  But the best thing it does is turn on island walk in a non-blue deck.  Drawing a card is pretty fun to.  Dismember is there to essentially bolt the birds that any of the quick decks use to take off(looking at you mostly 5c Humans).  It also serves the purpose of taking down opposing Tasigurs, Gurmag Angler, and nearly everything else that gets in our way.  Spell Pierce is usually not in the deck in favor of Cursecatcher.  However, running a full set of it allows us to control some of the shenanigans noncreature spells are going to cause whether it is a spell or a planeswalker.  I originally had it out for Cursecatcher but after some testing I ran with this option to lose the catcher the counter.


Pretty straight forward.  Basic islands to cast spells, Mutavault to make it a merfolk/elemental and bash, and Cavern of Souls to help with those pesky counter spells.  I am considering with Jeskai Control showing up more to up the count to 3.

The Sideboard

This I am a fan of.  It covers a lot of different archetypes.  Deprive, Echoing Truth, Kira, Great Glass-Spinner, Relic of Progenitus, and Tidebinder MageDeprive is good for any match where we want the extra counters.  Echoing Truth is good vs things like Ensnaring Bridge or if you are against an aggro deck it can bounce more than one creature given the right scenario.  Relic is for anything that has to do with the graveyard be it dredge, Goyf decks, or any control deck that likes to reuse its graveyard.  Lastly, we have a couple Tidebinder Mage.  This one is strictly for the red and green decks to tap down creatures to keep them under control and keep beating in for damage.

That pretty much does it for me today.  Next week we will get back to Modern Hero with a write up of the first tourney with it and a brief overview of how Regionals went.  If you are playing in the Pro Tour this weekend or any of the Regionals good luck to you and if you are in Columbus for Regionals feel free to say hi.



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